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    Anyone heard of an oil change plug adapter for a semi hermetic compressor ?

    Many times I have run into a problem when having to change the oil in a semi hermetic compressor because the large drain plug ends up to low for a pan to slide under and has machine threads so I can't just screw in a male by flare hose fitting either. I'm thinking about drilling out an old Copeland drain plug and tapping the hole in the center as pipe thread. I am aware of the aftermarket oil change valve kits out there with the internal dip tube, but that doesn't help when the compressor you approach never seems to have one ! If I had this type of drain plug, I could simply close the service valves, pull a vaccum on the compressor and not spill a drop of oil while removing the existing plug to install the fitting. Any ideas ?

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    What model number is the Copeland compressor? Are you saying that it only has the drain plug and not the side mounted factory fill plug with the rubber center that Copeland punctured with their hypodermic needle to fill the compressor with oil during manufacture?
    If not, then your idea of pulling a vacuum before removing the drain plug will work well, just keep a rag over the hole to slow down how much air is pulled in and to prevent too much oil from leaking out while you switch to your drilled, tapped and retrofitted fitting with a schrader access port in it. Then you can pressure up the compressor to 5-10 lbs to force the oil out into a container. I use a schrader core removal tool/ball valve device that allows me to remove the schrader first and also control the flow.
    Hope this helps.

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    Compressors oil draining...

    If the compressor is a newer model, I've found they have switched to non-tapered machine threads that require a copper gasket on the fitting. You can buy them from the dealers for your particular model, be it Copeland or Carlyle. Well actually they are adaptors that allow you to install a 1/4 inch pipe thread to shraeder flare. Works well, oil changes are a breeze. And a vac pump running while you pull the plug out for a few seconds is not a problem.


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