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    Quote Originally Posted by JumpSteady View Post
    where in Tennesse are you I'm in Pigeon Forge
    JumpSteady I live in Sevierville Run a refrigeration Co. in Knoxville My E mail is in my profile send me an e mail. Ill be out of town next three days.

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    13 or 14 SEER system made by reputable manufacturer + incredibly high quality installation of system and associated ductwork = good, long term comfort performance and decent long term energy savings.

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    don't forget that new april air filter!!!

    do yourself a favor and put you in a april air filter. filters whole house through one filter. filter lasts one year and is less than 6 or 7 pleated filters and you'll never pay to clean ducts , coils, or blowers ever! they are amazing.

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    no brainer if in coastal area

    In coastal areas it's a no brainer -- salt destroys the outdoor coils.

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    I'M NOT asking about bid/price etc..rather is there a rule of thumb or formula that can be used to see if one way or the other is best?..

    If cost of repair x's age of unit exceeds new unit, replace unit.
    example: $1200 dollar compressor times 11 year old system = $13200.00
    REPLACE the system.

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