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    Daikin Chiller (CNC machine)

    any one have a link to a service guide for a Daikin M#AKS205K spindle cooler chiller? It is on a large cnc for engine sleeves. I think there problem is with the CNC equipment, as the chiller is operating (seems to be) normal, need to find out if the circuit board flashes a code for lockouts or not, also if the stats are adjustable.
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    I'm not going to be a lot of help, but daiken bought mcquay- who has some of their tech support in minneapolis- they should be able to get you a link or phone #. The main in mnpls- 800-432-1342 .

    You can try this # 866-4DAIKIN too.
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    Dear cmajerus,
    All World Supply in Harvard, IL should be able to help you with Daikin machine tool chillers. If they no longer support this unit email

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    its funny i just worked on one a japenese chiller lol daikin on a cnc machine talk to tech support at i forgot his name lol but to get parts is another story i had the xpansion valve body leaking due to vibration and he had to pull one out of a unit and ship it to us otherwise from japan a least a week out it has a variable spped rotary comp and txv that is how they maintain their temp boy do they use alot of sensors in that thing tho

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