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    take a vacation .really if your out of the house for a few days and it clears up then your problem is in the house,the white rust on the duct work is from the zinc breaking down normally from getting wet for a long time ,this creates zinc -oxide,inhaling this is bad ask any welder about welding galvanized metal best to have it looked at and corrected, reg service by a good service man to keep everything in good order and it should not happen again you may have to replace the damaged duct if your sensitivity is severe

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    I found a very similar substance on some RTU's at a jewelry store where the owner completely shut off power to the units every night, causing very poor humidity control obviously.
    We had it tested, thinking it was mould (mold for you Americans) and the analysis came back as a benign fungus. They said it could cause reactions in some people, but it's generally non-toxic. This stuff was on everything! Ductwork, belts, motors, coils etc.

    Vinegar and water took care of it

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