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Thread: Can potatoes

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    Can potatoes

    Baub posted that he made potato salad for a meal.

    Not to shanghigh his tread I thought I'd post my veiws on can potatoes.

    I always keep a few cans around. They are dirt cheap and very handy.

    Deep fry them whole. Sprinkle them with a little salt like french frys.

    Make a quick potato salad.

    Throw them in a soup.

    Fry up with minced garlic and onion for breakfast.

    They have a different taste than fresh potatoes but if you know that going in than you can be creative with them.

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    metal skewer them with olive oil and spices for top rack of BBQ....
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    Good ideas I will be stocking some soon. Thanks

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    Canned potatoes

    When you crave home fries, and you don't have any boiled potatoes in the cooler, canned spuds are a must to have on the shelf.

    I don't agree about the potato salad tho. If you are going to go to the trouble of making homemade, you need new, waxy potatoes, boiled in the skin, peeled while warm, and sliced right away so they absorb the oil, vinegar and seasoning. I let this chill for 6 hours plus, then add the mayo, onion and celery. I think you need to use less high calorie mayo this way.

    But that's only my .02.
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    I keep a can or two laying around just in case. Better then having to run to the store in the last minute when you realize the last potatoes are going to seed or just plain rotten ...... I hate that .

    I have tried cutting back on the potatoes anyway but every sense I bought a box of the dehidrated hash browns in the milk style containers at Costco , I use a lot less potatoes. THOSE THINGS ARE GREAT

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    I prefer fresh but in a pinch I take the sliced potatoes in a can. Set them in foil and cover lightly with oil, italian seasoning, garlic salt, and pepper. Wrap them up and slap them on the top rack of the grill, very fast and very tasty, also very easy.
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