Get an emergency call for no heat in the building. I get there, check the thermostats, all are calling for two stages of heating. I go up on the rooftop and start checking. First off this retailer has only been open since November 8, 2007 so, everything is relatively new. I didn't expect what I found.

All four of these units are CARRIER 50TM006A501.
The LV wires to bring on the heat strips were attached to the wrong terminals in the strip kits, the transformers were set on the 230 volt terminal with the unit receiving 208, the thermostats were wired with one wire on the "O" terminal but these units are electric/electric, not heat pumps.
Got all that fixed and found more. All four units are setup like these photos, I can't wait to get the corporate owner involved.

Only three of the four have this little problem. Well, it's not a problem just yet but, how long do yo think that duct tape patch is gonna last? That was the knockout for the internally mounted service disconnect but, Cousin Doofus didn't know what to do so, he just took it out of three of the units.

I found one of the units operating in heat and cool at the same time but, the thermostat was only calling for 2 stages of heat. Did some deep checking of wires, conduit, diagrams, unit wiring, unit components and lastly, the thermostat. I found where an incorrectly lan'ed wire had arced and that did the thermostat in. This orange wire was tied to the "O" terminal of the LightStat but, it was just hanging there rubbing up against the cabinet in the RTU.

All of the thermostats are LightStats, I called tech support and found that this sort of failure is most definitely not covered under the LightStat warranty, I guess someone is going to buy a new LightStat.

I've said it before, I like job security but this is ridiculous!