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    New favorite cheese!

    Ya know, back when the Pats would loose once in a while, I would win some
    and truly believed this the be the best cheese in the whole wide world. Now there are 2 on that list. I love to cook hot foods but none of my kids or wife can eat it, so I have to leave the heat out, and buy lots of varieties of hot sauce. This Christmas I bought a bar of
    thinking it would be great. It's nearly too darn hot to eat straight up. Seriously hot cheese. But grated over eggs, chili, anything hot that I wanna add a kick to, this is an excellent alternative to hot sauce. Very tasty!!!!!
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    Hmmm...habanero cheese. Habanero is supposed to be the #1 hottest of chilies. Probably dangerous to take a bite off the block.

    Never have seen that but I love hot stuff too and am going to look into that stuff. Thx for the head's up...
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    Cabot is by far the best cheese I have ever had, and it goes great with everything.
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    blue cheese ... mmmmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurdL View Post
    blue cheese ... mmmmmm

    With butter and a champagne cracker.....chased by room temperature port.
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    I can't imagine the pair the guy had to have who first tasted Limburger. I know it's good but w/o knowing that to dare to try it. Geeeeeze.

    I wonder if some guy 5000 years ago put some milk in a goat stomach to store it and with the rennet in the stomach and him hopping along on his camel created cheese. Lots of things are accidents. Like me.
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