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    I finally hired a home efficiency company who said that my upstairs needs a 2.7 ton AC unit (based on their Manual J calc).

    Find a home efficiency company who will show you how to make your attic and the ductwork in the attic match your 2 ton a/c, not one that tells you to get bigger equipment to counter the heat gain from that attic.
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    No need for either the Carrier or Trane high end systems I recommended as long as you intend to use your Nest. Nest is better suited to plain Jane systems not the var speed furnaces that were quoted. I know you don't like this advice but it's the truth. The Nest is more for live style features for the homeowner, not functional operational capability of your upper end systems.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bpollard View Post
    I guess Google should have chatted with you before dropping 3 billion on Nest.
    A company "drops" money on a product, not necessarily because it's a good product, but because they believe it will turn a profit. Either now or later. Google is banking more on the "later", when more and more of our daily lives (and consumerism habits) are monitored and influenced by them.

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