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Thread: trane gaspack

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    trane gaspack

    anybody know how to read trane model numbers ? i am trying to find out what tonnage this one is. model number is, BYC100G3ODA. Is that 7.5 tons ?

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    Mixing oil and fire with a big spoon.
    B = always a "B"
    YC = Gas/Electric Package
    100 = 100,000 BTUH (8.5 tons nominal)
    G = Major Development Sequence (7th)
    3 = 208-230/60/3

    the rest of your model number does not add up to what the catalog that i have your unit or my catalog may be older.

    good luck.
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    Im not a Trane guy but I would guess the 30 means 30k btu = 2.5 tons.

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    Thank you, jayguy. it is pretty old, 1987

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