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    All of it.

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    In a boiler room

    Good to see you back!

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    I c what you trying to say, but those videos also help students like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinAdv View Post
    in my experience people don't want to do even the most basic stuff once the condensate line was tied under a sink and the hose connecting it was a little too big and had a slow drip I explained go to home depot get a smaller hose and replace it and they said no I'd rather just have you do it

    Automotive Diy has been around forever and there are still thousands upon thousands of garages open
    I work on all my own cars but hardly know anybody else that works on there own car
    It strongly depends on the area economy, income level and the dominant occupation. Most people are poor in one of the two ways. There are two resources we value. Time and money. There are those who willing to spend half a day DIYing something in order to avoid spending a few hundred dollars and there are those who won't blink an eye at the thought of dropping a grand to avoid having to waste their scarce free time. Really understanding your market is important.

    For some people, lowest cost is the key and they'll compromise in other ways. For some people, having you show not one minute late, every foot step cleaned up, program their thermostat to the new schedule they left you on the note and they don't mind spending the extra $$$ to not have to use their time dealing with it.
    Beer can cold bandit stoled my superheat.

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