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    United CoolAir - Too Expensive?

    I know we aren't suppose to discuss specific pricing so I wont, but has anyone ever bought United CoolAir equipment out there. There local vendor over here for as long as I can remember has been giving me ridiculous pricing, for indoor split systems. I don't see how are they any different from a Skymark or Carrier Room top units. I am wondering if this is the norm or just that this sales rep is playing favorites when it comes to their pricing. I've been getting a lot of bid opportunities which is specifying this equipment and it's gotten to a point where I don't even want to waste my time with estimating these units.

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    I've heard it said, if the customer isn't complaining you're not charging enough. Sounds like they're charging enough.

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    sounds like the Rep is playing ball with one of your competitors ...

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    I know this is years old but nobody answered your question. United CoolAir isn't cheap, but being cheap isn't their fortay. If you are comparing them to your average commercial splits then they are going to get beat in price 99% of the time. The reason their stuff is expensive is they make specialty equipment, not mass produced splits. Split systems capable of 250' refrigerant runs, indoor ducted air cooled condensers, all indoor splits, with a bunch of unique options. If you are seeing them flat spec'd you might want to pay careful attention to the application before dismissing their number because their may be no other option. I'm not aware of other companies that offer as much indoor condensing options as they do.

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