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    ILON 100 problem Please Help!!!!!!

    I am working with an ILON 100 e2 server and I am having a problem with getting some NVE's to update (points stay offline). I can see all the data in question through Lonmaker (non-turbo) so I know it is not a network problem. In addition I see data from other points on the same ILON updating and data passes from the ILON to the controller in question through NVL's. However the NVE's only show offline. I have tried resynchronizing the network in Lonmaker, rebooting the ILON, resynchronizing the ILON, restoring the ILON factory defaults, and just about every combination of the preceding. I have also deleted both the ILON and the controller and recomissioned them. I am assuming there is some setting I am missing which is prevented the polling of the values from this particular device, or possibly a corrupted file on the ILON.

    Please help I am ready to give up on the installed
    device and replace it with a new one.


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    I am not sure where you are seeing the 'offline' indication but the first thing I would check is to be sure you do not have a heartbeat and a polling value set in the iLON plug-in, one of them needs to be 0. If both have values the NVE will not update on the network.

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    ILON 100 Problem Clarification

    Thank You for your response.

    I am seeing the values as offline when I view the points through the view-data point section on the ILON's service page. I have the polling value set and the other settings such as heartbeat, min send time, etc set to 0.

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    You haven't altered the devices that the NVE's are polling?

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    Do you have a protocol analyzer to confirm the iLON is in fact polling the NVE's? Have you changed any NVE names? I'd seriously consider upgrading to e3 - you should get an extra for that work!

    A hundred million nodes - it's a LON story.

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    CLUE: "I see data from other points on the same ILON updating and data passes from the ILON to the controller in question through NVL's."

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    ILON problem further clarification

    Thank all of you for your responses.

    On further investigation of my problem I found that I can see the 2 controllers
    that do not have NVE's updating only if I use LON1, my PCC Lon Card. If I use LON3, the USB Lon interface, I cannot see these 2 controllers. I am now
    wondering if this is less of an ILON100 problem and more of a conflict between these 2 Lon interfaces.

    I have 8 other nodes on my network and there are no communication problems with these. The NVE's for these update and I can see them using
    both Lon interfaces.

    Thanks Again

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