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    Jace Port forwarding help

    Im utilizing 2 jace systems, each is independent and requires no exchange of data, ( 2 different towers).
    I would like to connect to both systems over the internet utilizing the same IP line. I left Jace 1 with the standard port settings of 80,1311 and 1911. On Jace 2 I set up the ports as 82,1314 and 1914. Internally I can connect to either with no trouble. However off site and using the internet I cant connect to Jace 2. ( jace one is fine) Im using a standard Linksys router and port forwarding. Has any one done this and can lend a hand on setup with out the use of the server?

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    Sometime, some ISP block certain ports... could use 8080 or 8081... concering fox port (1911, 3011) I don't know...

    One thing you could try though is connecting VPN to your router. Linksys RV082 and RV042 (I think) have a PPTP VPN option that work well. You connect to the router, it creates a VPN network with your PC and you just have to use the LAN IP of the Jace you want to access to.

    Done it for a client where 10 Jaces are used and it's really easy.

    Maybe it worth the price of the new router (if the one you have doesn't handle VPN connection (it's less than 150$ I think...)
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    Thanks ctrembly, its all up and running now... it was my gateway setting.

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