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Thread: Glycol pump

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    Glycol pump

    What kind of pump do you guy's use to pump glycol into a new system. I've been using a positive displacement gear pump that I built from Grainger parts years ago. It's seen better days and I'm just am trying to get some experienced opinions on the best volume pump out there to replace it with.


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    Let me tell ya, a friend I was working with asked me (the scrounge) if I wanted a carbonated liquid pump he got from an account, during a remodel. ( From the soda fountain in a walk in theatre lobby) I have seen 1 at a swap meet and Grainger sells them. It will pump refer oil at 2 gals a minute, liquid refrigerant, water at 175 psi, it doesn't leak, plug anything you can adapt to 3/8” pipe to it, self priming. Its the best little pump I ever saw. Especially when faced with the alternative of hand pumping 10 gals of oil into D&B screw compressors x 3. Mine already had the motor but the link shows the type. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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    I am doing a job where I am recovering 30 gal of propylene glycol & then pumping it back in the system. The pump I am using is awesome. It is low cost, portable, light weight and comes w/ a 9 ft plug-in cord. It will pump against 100 feet of head including 10 feet of suction. Here is the link

    You'll have to prime it it though...takes 30 sec. One thing we found is the hose fittings that came w/ the pump were useless, so we had to replace them. Other than that, we were extremely happy with it.

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    I can tell you what not to use I had a job in the middle of nowhere as usual. Pump I had failed. Had to buy a drill pump at the local hardware store. worked but took forever!!!! I just use a water pump but I have modified with a water meter which measures the amount of gallons used. Makes for easy calcs.

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    I'm trying to remember the grainger number to the pump which I've used. It is a half horse, 120VAC. I think it's a Dayton. I've used them to pump down water heaters, and to fill systems(different jobs, different worlds).

    It works pretty good with water or glycol mix up to 50psi. With pure glycol it's a bit slower. I'll get the part number rounded up asap.
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