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    Anyone willing to train an entry-level tech in the central New Jersey area?

    Hi all, just finished up trade school a few weeks ago, and I'm ready to start working in the field. I'm extremely interested in becoming a service tech (would prefer commercial but willing to do residential too), but it ain't easy trying to find a company that is willing to train a greenhorn. Also wouldn't mind helping on installs as well, but my ultimate goal is to work in service. Got the EPA universal, can braze pretty well, and have all my own tools and meters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    It's nice to see a new guy who dosen't want to do installs or residential work but wants to go straight to commercial service. Anyways move to New Orleans and I will LET you work with me,
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    I didn't exactly say that I didn't want to do residential and/or installs, I am willing to do either. Only reason I mentioned wanting to get into commercial was because I have friends in the field who advised me that I should try and get into commercial if I can. I think the ideal situation would be to get to learn both service and installation, but it seems like it's either/or for most of the job postings I've come across.

    And I definitely appreciate the offer, but I don't foresee a move to New Orleans in my future

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    I think your chances would have been better a few months ago when the season started but anyways good luck. Keep checking all the jobs on the internet and make yourself known to all the companies you can. pm me if you want i've been through the job search in the area

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    Hey AK,

    Like too cool, I will gladly offer you an entry level position if you want to move. In my case, to north Texas.

    If not, best of luck in what you do. Be great, nothing else pays.

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