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    High superheat 20 ton TRANE Voyager (2006)

    I have been PMing some 20ton TRANE Voyager 2006 RTU's and have been high superheat readings and somewhat elevated subcools. I am in South Florida and at design conditions of 95* ambient/ 74* indoor drybulb/ 50% RH, I get a 59* supply air temp and a 72* return air temp (on average, I am dealing with multiple units in multiple buildings. My superheat can be 25-30* and a subcool of 15-17*. The automation space temp is set at and reading 74*. Any feedback on this? These units have DX coils that are metered by a distributor with a fixed bore in each tube at the evap inlet

    *Helpful advise welcome----dissecting my website navigation skills and technician experience, not necessary*

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    Following the rules is necessary here.

    I had your other post moved to commercial. Let's stick with that.
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    Pressures would be helpful.
    Have you checked for a restriction?

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