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    i backed up one of them after the reset "should of done it b4"
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    app. running

    In img. 172 it shows that your application is running. In img 173 it shows that the point lopress is in alarm. In img 180 your foto does not include the value for the point. what is being reported for that point? It looks like you're up and running but the alarm is preventing any equip. from starting. C.A.R.E. is a licensed product and while you can do some developing of a project in an un-licensed version you can't download or backup any projects without the license. I wouldn't recommend using the reset procedure very often, if at all. Twenty years in this industry and I've used the reset on an xl50 once and xl500 maybe three times (twice on my bench test set-up). Having Honeywell come out to your site will be a waste if you do not have the original files that were used to download the xl50.
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