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    Top section of indoor coil dry

    Lennox, 13CHPA-36-230=1A, S#1607K07565, package heat-pump.
    Reported problem: Not keeping up in the afternoon. Goes to a bank in a supermarket.
    Outdoor 105*, outdoor RH 22%, indoor at stat 78*, suction 70#, head 260#, subcooling 20*, superheat 5*, supply at unit 54*, return at unit 74*, not bad, not fabulous.
    Noted top ¼ of indoor coil not getting very cold, yet the rest of the coil sweats cold. TXV and distributer feed from the middle up and from the bottom up with the suction coming off the coil at the middle and the top. New TXV looks installed by a poor brazer years past. I'm guessing something is not feeding right and unit is overcharged to make up the difference.
    The other day I found a 1998 Ruud unit that had the evaporator factory u-bends going in a circle on part of the coil but I don't think this is that.
    Any thoughts?

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    Most heat pumps require 'special' charging techniques if adding freon due to the refrigerant management within the system. Now-a-days, if I suspect something weird is going on, I usually just recover then weigh in the new charge.

    At the end of the day, you've got a 20*F split, so you can't complain about that.

    If you want to pursue it further, and if after weighing in the correct charge doesn't change anything, I'd begin with the airflows. How is the air hitting the coil?

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    Don't think you can ask for much better..... Several years ago I had a similar issue, half the holes in the distributor had never been milled out. YMMV.

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    You could pull the belt off and check the frost pattern to see if everything is feeding correctly.

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