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    Mitsubishi Diamond dealer here and NO PROBLEMS,Inverter is nice!!
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by herbl View Post
    These ductless multiple-head systems have some really nasty usability and noise issues - don't believe the functionality advertised in Sanyo's literature or their smooth talking salespeople! I've heard their single mini-splits may work ok, but be warned - their multi (aka "Flexi-Multi") heatpump is hell for residential use. The Sanyo heat-cool mode switching controller logic is full of bugs that will drive the users crazy, and the auto mode sensing doesn't work at all. If that wasn't bad enough, any air handlers whose fans are not running while refrigerant is flowing to other active heads emit loud whistling or hissing pipe noises.
    We are wondering if other multisplit vendors like Fujitsu have similar problems, does anybody know. We were fooled into buying these Sanyos and now we're stuck with them. Hope this may help save others some grief.
    My boss removed 2 Sanyo mini-split sytems. Sanyo wanted them back because they were so problematic. I'll find out what the issue was with them. We're now carrying Fujitsu..haven't installed any yet. I'm really surprised some of the boiler companies don't get into the mini-split business, since mini-splits are for homes without ductwork.

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