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    Comfort/Heat Index Thermostat?

    Does anybody make a programmable thermostat that regulates heat/comfort index instead of temperature? I'm not talking about a thermostat that regulates both temperature and humidity - but rather the combination of both.

    Let me clarify a little. My understanding and experience is that humidity has a big impact on the perceived "temperature" - if it is humid it feels a few degrees warmer than it actually is. Some people compensate for this with humidifiers/etc - but I don't want to mess with that and add water to the house that the AC just has to get rid of in the summer (and run the fan all winter long when my system otherwise uses radiators). Instead - I just want the thermostat to monitor humidity - if it is high it should lower the setpoint a few degrees, and if it is low it should raise it. There is no need to actually regulate the humidity - just to compensate for it by adjusting the temperature.

    Right now all I can do is lower the setpoint a few degrees in the summer to compensate for moisture leaking into the house / etc.

    I can't find such a thermostat for sale anywhere. I found one as a school project, and I actually found a patent dating back to 1981 for exactly this idea.

    Any idea where to look? I don't want to modify my system at all other than attaching new thermostats to my two zones...

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    honeywell t7350 has a dehumidification option like you describe. it will lower the setpoint to dehumidify.
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