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Thread: residential rtu

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    residential rtu

    How common is it to see what I would consider a rooftop unit (gas pac) used on a residential application. Sit unit on the ground & duct run from side of unit, (not bottom) into a crawl space, or up the side of the house into the attic. In my area you see this all the time. Its been a while since I've done residential, but I have always wondered if systems were set up like this in other parts of the country. Oh, by the way I'm from KY.

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    You see it very seldom here.
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    It depends, I have seen it in remote country locations in Va, and I have seen million dollar condos on the water in NJ that have Lennox GCS3's out on the ground in the front.

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    It is very common here mainly because we do not have that many basments around this area.The primary reason for that is the water table is very high and the good part of the year your basement would be under water.

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    We don't have basements much either but gas packs are rare here too. Older homes had downflow furnaces, today's cheapos have upflow with a tangled mess of flex in the attic.

    But from my visits to the cousins in Kentucky, I do see a lot more packaged units. Maybe because the winters are milder. Dealers up here don't set packaged units because they don't want to have to work on them below zero out!

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    I have saw that only once in MN. Guy got it at an auction and put it in by his self. Had no air flow, found a giant hole in the flex with a family of cats living in it.

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    In CA, I see them everyday! But most of the time they are on the roof.

    On the east coast, I see them rarely. Most of the time on the ground for mobile homes.
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