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    crazing and micro frac on glass

    Been coming across gas inserts between the age of 2-12 years with the small microfractures on the glass Quadrafire, enviros, and a couple other brands.

    Was just wondering have you guys have came across that problem?

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    Yep--all brands. A lot of causes but look for uneven heat distribution while firing. Common tempered glass is rated for only 500-550F. Ceramic glass is rated for about 1,200-1,400F depending upon mfr. Some of this crazing can be cosmetic but no way to tell in field if it isn't about to fail and with tempered glass, that is usually rather abrupt. I usually get a call that "my fireplace blew up!". No, the glass shattered but to them it blew up and they're now changing their shorts if they weren't hurt by the flying shrapnel. When in doubt, recommend replacement. They can always submit pics to the mfr. and get them to submit a letter on letterhead or email stating its ok, which places the liability back where it should be---on them. Meanwhile, lots of pics and document, document, document.

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