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    Parts for old International/Weil-McClain furnace

    I have a old (probably 1974 vintage) electric furnace that my repair contractor is having trouble finding parts for. The furnace says "International Heating & Air Conditioning, Weil-McClain, Utica,NY" on it, also says "International by W-M". Model Number is 133-015-GAB, serial number is H402962. The house was built in August 1974, this is likely the original furnace. It has a 2-year old Goodman a/c unit attached to it, the a/c works fine.

    The furnace quit blowing warm air about a week ago, before that it was keeping the 3 bedrooms warm but the rest of the house was cooler. The air coming out of the vents has never felt hot, just kind of lukewarm even last winter (first winter I owned the house was 2006-2007). The duct work in the crawl space appears to be in excellent condition, no loose ducts or parts, seems to be pretty well sealed up and insulated. Problem started 1 week ago when I came home to find that even with the thermostat set on 75, it was 53 degrees in the house. Furnace was running continuously, blowing very cold air only (the a/c unit was NOT running, I even went outside to check). The HVAC contractor came out and looked at it and determined that the electrical "terminal block" where the main ac wiring from the house comes in and splits off to the various heating coils etc. etc. had burned up. Literally burned up with melted wires, connectors, etc. The fuses in the electrical panel inside the furnace (there are about 6 large glass fuses) were all good however. The thermostat is a a square Honeywell unit, looks old but from drywall repair around it, this seems to have been a replacement thermostat unit. Anyway, I have no heat whatsoever.

    Could anyone advise where to look for parts for this ancient furnace ??
    I really cannot afford the $$$ to have this furnace replaced entirely, repairing it is only financial option at the moment. Any advice on companies that might stock parts for older Weil-McClain electric furnaces is welcome

    Mike in Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

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    In my experience. If you do find parts for it. You'll probably end up paying about as much as you would for a new furnace. It's like putting $1000 worth of rims on an old junker. Good luck.

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    Good luck finding parts for that obsoleted POJ.

    After you repair the current burnt out parts.
    You'll be replacing the heaters. Then the blower motor. Then the A/C coil.

    About 85% more money then a new unit with all the service charges. And you'll still have a piece of junk.

    Try finding a company that has 12 month SAC financing available.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I think 1974 was the last year for that partnership. I bet it has the big emblem on the blue beast. Probably best to get a new unit.

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