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    Final Update

    Well...I opted to buy a CO2 Pipe Freeze kit and it worked like a charm. We purged the hot water lines w/ cold water so the temperature was about 60*F.

    In about 35 minutes we had plugs developed.

    One thing I'll say, which was previously said, have plenty of spare CO2 on-hand.
    We did 6 freeze plugs on a 2" CU line and consumed almost 100 #'s of CO2. This included about 1 hour of cutting & fitting time after the freeze.

    Based on this experience, I would recommend this method over the Ridgid Machine.

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    We've been using Add-A Valves on some line leaks that are so old the original valves don't hold or a broken. Quite pricey $700 plus for an 1 1/4 line.
    There's TREACHERY AFOOT!!!

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    Rigid 2500

    I know I should start a new thread, as this is old; but I work for a HVAC company and we have had some success with the 2500, (it's brand new). My question is there anything better? Our facilities in Alaska have glycol and wanted to know what's out for industrial applications, (if there is such a thing). I know this is going to depend on how strong we have the mixture, currently we are working on a facility that has a rating (fractometer) reading of -5 to -10 and the machine is tripping out. So if we are going to spend the money on new equipment, I would like to get some of your thoughts/opinions.

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    We use the CO2 on carbon and copper up to 2". Never seen anything bigger than 2" frozen.
    That kit is awesome and has paid for itself many times over. Don't forget to make sure the tank fas a dip tube in it.
    I wrap a wet rag on either side of the sleeves
    Ihave also seen the hospital get flooded when one guy got to close to the plug in a tight spot.

    For smaller copper lines it would be wise to have a squeeze kit nearby just in case.

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