It's an ongoing phenomenon - one which appears needs revisiting once again.

You guys that are requesting technical help - especially if you're new to the forum may want to read this over.

If you want us to give you advice, we need A LOT of information!!

I've been thinking about this today so now you have to suffer through it.

Start out by giving us some background information. If this is one of your firsts posts on this site, give us a real brief heads up as to what you do for a living. End users try to pull information out of us so it is nice to know who you are right out of the gate. Kinda eliminates the mini courtship dance we have to do in order to feel you out.

Along these same lines, let us know if you're a student, apprentice, journeyman, or an HVAC guy crossing over. By doing this you give us the heads up on how much technical jargon we can pound down your throat without losing you entirely. It also gives us a starting point with regards to how much you know about refrigeration vs. how much WE THINK you know......filling out your profile helps here too.

Chances are whatever piece of equipment you're working on, you know well enough to remember what the call for service was, where it's located, what you've done to it, etc..............Well my friend, we haven't a clue.

I can't speak for anybody other than myself on this, but for me, in order to help you out - I need to mentally place myself on the service call with you....standing side by side with you looking it over.

If you tell me your working on a freezer with R404A - I can't see that. But if you tell me you're working on a walk-in freezer with 2 evaporators attached to a Copeland compressor which sits in the basement and has a remote condenser at ground level out behind the building - I'm there.....I'm now standing right next to you.

Next, let us know what the call for service was......was it a breaker tripping, a compressor short cycling, or maybe just a warm case temp? In any event, this type of thing is good information to have.

Ok, what did you do when you got there? Remember, I'm standing right next to you.........if you don't tell me where we're going throughout the call, I can't follow you.

Then, give us some relevant specifics. What I mean by that is superheat, voltage, pressures (high and low), fixture model #, compressor model #, and anything else you can think of. Heck, I'd rather see too much information and skim through the stuff I don't need than not have enough

Inevitably there is going to be some information we need that hasn't been posted........that's just the way it is. Don't sweat it. Chances are, when all the smoke clears, you will have several great responses to your question.

I think if you take the time to implement some of these things, a ton of frustration can be eliminated on both your end...........and ours. Nobody wants to see a thread end up in the gutter with hard feelings on both sides - that's what ARP is for.

Ok, there you have it - my little rant is now officially over.