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    E2 cx 400 and oil control

    im setting up a e2 and have put 5vc 200# tranducers on the oil pumps....went into compressor output set up and chose pressure switch for oil...set my delay for 10 seconds (it was default), set my net for 15 psi....ive also set this for auto reset, its supposed to wait 10 minutes before a retry, then as luck would have it i have a 6hp thats LRA, so i am able to test this set up.....but it works tries to run (conactor pulled in, but ive shut the breaker off).....10 seconds later the e2 shows an alarm...but it keeps the control circuit energized....exactly 10 minutes later it goes into the lockout mode where i have to clear the alarm....although i will have the 9# manual resets on the machine, im a little concerned about the reliabilty of this, the manual dont really cover oil, the on screen help is sketchy to me, and the telemarketers answering the phones havent been able to provide much help

    id hate to think i had zero oil pressure for 10 minutes if i were relying soley on the sure i have not got something assigned in either an input or an output.....any help? 2 suction groups by the way if it makes a diff..

    btw, i would also love to see either pump pressure or net pressure on the suction group user screen or somewhere easy, but not sure f thats possible either....i can go into board inputs and see pump pressure when a compressor is running....

    also, if i unplug the sensor, it still says "good" on the suction group screen

    thanks jh

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    if I am understanding you right, your thinking there is a problem where there is not one. Of course the lack of oil pressure shows as an alarm when you have the breaker off, as should your oil control open after 120 seconds.

    You need to be real clear here for me, because I could interpret your post like 5 different ways. What exactly are you wanting to do? I can help.

    I do a lot of this stuff, and I personally have found net oil pressure as a monitored analog input is kinda of a nuisance with the e2 and what not. If you set it up with all the particulars, most guys are not gonna understand, even if you did. So it's kinda hard that way.

    The only situation where I like net oil as analog input is when you use a cub board. Then it's set up in programming and easy to look at and understand.

    What I have found to be the most useful and easily understood is do a digital input sensor control / alarm with the alarm contacts from the oil control itself. And then tie a current sensing relay from the load side of the compressor contactor to the control circuit. The current sensing relay can eliminate those trips where you can isolate electrical control type trips to the real mechanical ones.

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    Why not use a Sentronic sensor to a digital input and set up a 2 min delay. Just curious, I would think it would be less expensive.

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