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    Hopefully cleancondenser will respond. He is the metasys master. He can help you out.

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    Here is a DX9100 Metastat slider setup I have used in the past, it may not be correct for the the slider you are using.
    Measurement Units = 0
    Type of Active Input = 2
    High Range = 7.4
    Low Range = -5
    High Limit = 100
    Low Limit = -10
    Filter Cont = 0
    Limit Diff = 2
    The Rest = 0

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    I was looking at the metastat, product info and this looks like it may be right, anyway it will be a good place to start.

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    I am not sure if this would even work...? But-

    How about using TE-6700 series room sensors with the warm cool adjust?

    Might (can) they work somehow with the DX-9100 AI's?

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    You can use the TE-67NT-1N00. The product cut-sheets will guide you through the install. Both inputs will be passive AI's, as the slider is just a straight potentiometer. Set your desired range on the passive AI and your good. Hope this helps.

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    seems to me the sensors are 1kohm. If the slider is anywhere near this any old passive input would do. Just see what values it gives and plug them into a segment module for your output. If you want setpoint with the slider for for plus/minus add a calc module.

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