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    Quote Originally Posted by darctangent View Post
    I won't try to argue any of that, It's not really worth my time or yours.

    I'll even add to your point. There are Technicians out there that could pass the NATE exams but don't take them. But how does the customer know the difference? NATE isn't really for the technician, it's for the home owner, so they can talk to someone that is at the least technically competent. By asking the HO to gather references you are asking other HO's to be the judge. Do you really think that's the best route? I don't. Our field is far too technical for the average HO to understand. And if they do get a competent contractor from recommendations, what if they aren't up to speed on the Infinity system? or heat pumps?

    last thought-

    I said to ask for the Tech's certification when they arrive.

    I'd rather have a technician that was proven to be "book smart" as you put it, than one who wasn't.

    Keep in mind I put my money where my mouth is. I'm NATE and I hire NATE.
    I agree.

    I am Nate Certified Heat Pump & Gas Hydronics. I am also RSES CM. We need some standardized certifications in our industry. Most other professionals have to pass some sort of test to get a license. Would you want a Doctor who could not pass his licensing exam but was "still a good Doctor"?

    You need both practical knowledge and book smarts in this industry, especially on complicated systems like Infinity. It sounds like someone already did the easy stuff when they installed it. Now you need some book smarts to make it work properly.

    Good Luck
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