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    Allerton said it very well. I have been trying to get into the control side for years and they want to see a solid electronic background no matter how skilled you are in the HVAC profession. In Texas a control contractor does not require any kind of License...yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardy26 View Post
    What do you think the requirements are for just doing service work and programming?
    There are typically no licenses required for programming. Service work may require a low voltage license depending on the town/city but most areas allow you to work on existing systems/wiring with no license.

    To get the straight word on your initial question would be to speak with others in your area already doing what you wish to do.
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    I agree as well with alertontech. I however started out as an AC guy. As an AC person you learn electrical theory, Motor control and good trouble shooting skills.
    The big problem I've experienced with the computer geek trying to become a control person is that they forget about every thing not on the screen. Time and time again they believe what's on the screen and don't even go look at the other end of the wire.
    I got on OJT for computers and networking. I found this to be much easier to learn then the how-tos and whys of HVAC. I have seen many electricians and Computers geeks come and go because they don't understand the simple stuff like proper sequence of pumps and chillers, or turning fans off because dampers are closed.
    When Tridium Niagara first came out the managers where told " you need to hire Network People." so they did. My co-techs and I spent allot of time training and cleaning up after them. By allot of time I mean Years. I took us techs about six months to get up to speed on networking enough to get what we need from the IT guys on various sites. After all Networking is the basics of what we do when we commission our field buses and/or integrate with other control system.

    Back to the main question, I have seen a couple one man control shops around town here in CA. I believe all have is a C-10 and maybe a C-07.

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