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    Tracer Summit And Mcquay AHU

    Has anyone brought in a Mcquay AHU with Lon card into Tracer summit (V17), if so please share your findings.

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    Trane Comm 5

    I have not done that particular one, but in Trane if you bring in the xif file, you should not have any trouble mapping it. I have done other various lon devices in Summit and the procedure is the same. The binding thing tends to be a real pain if you are on a BMTW with only standard memory, else it is not to bad if you are used to Trane Lon.

    Make a GLD (generic lon device) if you don't already have that as a UCM type. Then go to setup/unit controllers and edit the GLD and associate the GLD with the XIF ( should be under programs/tracer summit/XIF )

    Then make your AI, BI, AO etc. and in the property refernce field select GLD as the type. Use the name to find mapped point name fromt the XIF file for the device. If you don't have the XIF, make it yourself with free dos lon tool NODEUTIL.

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