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    iLON Holiday Scheduling Feature?

    Has anyone else gotten calls from their customers complaining that the AC didn't turn on this morning (Jan 2nd)? All of mine did. Or at least they would have if I wasn't near an internet connection to restore the iLON schedules. Basically what happened is that after the New Years Holiday, all of my iLON schedules were locked out. I first checked the web pages and the configurations looked fine but the schedule outputs were in the off mode. After I manually overode the outputs to get the equipment back up, I launched LonMaker and opened the plug-in. Each schedule had the start and stop date enable box unchecked. However, when I looked at the web page schedule configuration they were checked. For some reason (bug, feature, or user error?) the schedule start and stop date enable didn't match what I saw on the web page compared to what I saw in the plug-in. After checking the boxes in the plug-in everything went back to normal. I also tried unchecking and rechecking the boxes in the web page and that worked too. I just talked to Echelon support and no one else has reported this issue. I suppose it could be an error related to my programming of holiday schedules. Anyway I would like to know if this is in fact a scheduling issue with the iLON or do I need to read the holiday scheduling chapter in the user-guide.
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    This may or may not be related but in the iLON class at Echelon we were told not to use 'both' the plug-in and the web pages. The recommendation was to use one or the other. The last comments I heard regarding this were to 'only' use the web pages and to avoid the plug-in.
    Reason provided is that the database does not always sync properly, or something to that effect.

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    The ILON100 and Lonmaker do not sync up automaticly, and Dapper is correct in to use either the Web pages or the Plugin but not both. I have talk to Echelon about the issue and they say it relates to E2 version of the software, that most programming was done in Lonmaker and not from the web pages.
    I have encounter the same problem with the E3 software in R&D for customers and found to set it Holiday schedule in the Web pages work better that if I set them up in Lonmaker.
    Hope this helps.

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    We have always done the scheduling on the web side. The biggest benefit to this is your customers can config their own schedules and don't have to bother you to do it.

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