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    Proper (approximate) settings for lockout temp on Carrier Infinity HP and furnace

    Hi all,
    I've searched and read several threads but don't have a "definitive" answer. I also know that from reading this forum, there is a LOT of information needed to make a reasonable estimate on settings. However, I'm hoping someone here can provide some perspective on how I should have the furnace and HP lockout temps set on my system and perhaps provide some approximate ranges.

    My issue is this: I have a dual zone hybrid Carrier system which has a HP lockout temperature and a furnace lockout temperature. Currently, my builder/installer has them both set to NONE, which means either can run at any temperature. Is this the right way for it to be set? Until today, I have not seen the furnace ever turn on and I hear the HP outside running all the time. My energy bill so far is much less vs. my neighbors so I think it's working, but based on what people say at this forum, it sounds like I should have these set to something other than none?

    My other concern is if the HP runs ALL year round, how long will this thing last? Am I just "burning it out" by running it at temps lower than 20F, meaning it's not providing much heat so why bother running it constantly?

    Some info:
    -I have a dual zone system (one upstairs, one in basement) with a Comfort series HP (two of them) and an Infinity gas furnace (two of them).
    -House is approx 6000 sq. ft.
    -Live in Cincinnati, OH

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    The heat pump should be shut off when it starts to run constantly. Usually that's between 25 and 30° out. Then let it switch over to gas below that point. I usually set the gas lockout at 40 to 45° out as the pump does pretty well at that temp. Just my opinion from a climate like yours.

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    Just to confirm what bald loonie said, that is about how I set them around here as well. We might be in VA. but we get some pretty brutal cold here too especially in the higher elevations. For example it is calling for 12f tonite, that's without the 25mph winds we've had for 2 days now...

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