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    power burner need barometric damper?

    can somebody help me understand why a retrofit of a gas power burner into my peerless WBV-04 oil boiler requires the installation of a "barometric damper"?

    the damper i have now is installed in a T, and flaps in on a strong draft.

    apparently it needs to be replaced with one that flaps out as well as in.

    why in the world would i want the damper to flap out into my house???

    wouldn't that mean that exhaust is entering my house?


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    I don't know where you are located but in our neck of the woods, the barometric only opens INTO the pipe and there have to be TWO spill switches wired in series, mounted directly to the baro and right above the top of the opening into the damper. So if ANY spill occurs, the system shuts down. So whoever told you that you need a baro that actually dumps into the room, methinks is smokin' somethin' bad!!
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