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    wet switch mounting

    wet differential pressure switch

    If you were installing one of these on a horizontal pipe, would you :

    A) tap off the side or bottom of the pipe
    B) tap off the top of the pipe
    C) not worry about it

    reason being to avoid air from getting into the switch. Would this affect the operation of the switch??

    obviously air compresses and water doesn't but the veris has a slow response option that should negate any "bounce" in pressure.

    I've always wondered about this but I've never seen anything in the installation instruction about it.
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    Tap of the sides of the pipe.

    If you tap off the top, it will get air in the lines possibly messing with the readings.

    If you tap off the bottom, crap in the system will build up and plug the lines. This is especially true when they use small copper tubing off the mains to the sensor.

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