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    Fan does not turn off

    Happy New Year,
    In the last few days I found out the furnace is blowing cool are instead of warm air. After I check the furnace, I found out that the fan does not turn off at all even when the temperature reached the temp that is set by the thermostat. If I rise the temperature the heat comes on and I can see the flames and it seems to heat up the house nicely, but the problem is after it reaches the set temperature, the fan does not turn off al all, and the cool fan air makes the house cool quickly.
    Any one has any idea as what the issue may be?


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    first check your thermostat and set the fan switch to auto
    if that dont work call for service
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    I have the fan set to auto, but it never truns off, unless I turn off the switch next to the furnace.

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    Well it looks like that's all you can do, So call for service.
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