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    And it's official, The can has been opened!
    See for yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonafide View Post
    yeah its only 11 pages long seal off install dehumidifier, thats what i see
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    Do you have these style truss?

    Also make sure that the scuttle is sealing, and insulated. Reflective barrier under the shingles, or a metal roof is a big help too.

    At this point I would call a professional insulation co, one that does blown in fiberglass, not cellulose. Just my 2 cents.
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    Bonafide, that link isn't working for me...what is is talking about?

    Actually spoke with some Building Science people and they are a little concerned about foaming the roof since I already have a foamed attic floor...they aren't sure yet if that would solve one problem but cause another.

    They thought Teddy Bear's idea of a fan blowing in was a good one, just use a really low CFM fan and attach it to an outdoor temperature sensor so that it runs if it is below freezing outside...they said by blowing in you don't run the risk of not only sucking moisture out of the house but you won't possibly suck hot air out of the ducts which could be happening since the fan I've got now still can't get the attic that cold - its probably mixing outside air with hot duct air to cool the attic but not as much as we'd like.

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