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    Furnace vs. Extrordinair

    Which saves me money?

    I have a 2 story 2,500 sq ft house. The furnace is a Bryant 350MAV 80,000 btu with a 90 plus efficiency. I keep the house at about 70 degrees and the furnace cycles on frequently.

    I also have an Extrordinair natural gas fireplace that rates at 43,000 btu with a 79% efficiency and 72% AFUE.

    I can easily use the Extrordinair to heat the downstairs and partially heat the upstairs. When using the Extrordinair, it is generally left on all of the time. If it is cost effective then I prefer to do this.

    Is it cost effective to run the furnace on the thermostat or the Extrordinair to heat the downstairs

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    the furnace will cycle on and off so it will be the most efficient
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    Your furnace is a 90+ AFUE.
    Your gas stove is a 72 AFUE.

    The furnace is more efficient by atleast 18%.
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