I have an attic mounted Heil in a relatively new addition to our house. Unit runs well, but in the winter, I would like to have the unit run on low speed continually to see if it evens out the heat in the far bedrooms.

fan has 5 leads out to board. Hi lead connects to AC speed. MedHi connects to Heat, "Cont" tap is empty. Rest of the fan speed leads (low, medlow and med) all run to the "Unused" connections on the circuit board.

I ran the "low" wire from the fan to the Cont tap and that runs the fan continuously whether the Thermostat set to Fan Cont or not and regardless of Heat/Cool/off settings. Also, when the thermo is set to Cont fan, the fan audibly speeds up.

So the questions:
- Is this the proper way to have the fan run on low?
-Is there a way to make this more controllable w/o having to pull the power taps each season? In other words, I'd love to be able to have the Fan run on Low when the Thermo is set to Cont. When the thermo is set to Auto, it would default back to the MedHi/Heat and High/AC settings. Is that possible?
-Maybe a better way to ask it is, how can I get the Thermostat Fan switch to control the Continuous setting on the circuit board?