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    Lennox Unit Help!!!


    We live in the Phoenix metro area and have a Lennox unit. Our current problem is this:

    1. No air blowing through the registers at all. (Most of the time, say 98%)
    2. When air does blow it is warm air, but as stated above it is rare when we do get airflow.
    3. We have a digital thermostat that shows it is supposed to be heating.
    4. When I turn the system on, I hear a "click" and the roof top unit appears to be running but no airflow!

    I have the install sheet from the previous owner and it describes the unit as:

    1. Equipment: GP
    2: Make: Lennox
    3. Model #: 6CS 20R-042-75-4P
    4. Work performed: "Remove old Rheem Gas Pack and install a Lennox 12 SEER, 3.5 ton gas pack. Will include a new digital thermostat. Replace existing 16" vent pipe R/A and install 18" flex duct riser."

    This unit was installed 06/25/2002. We have lived here since 09/2005 and have not had any issues like this before.

    The thermostat is a White-Rodgers Type 1F86-244

    As is probably evident, my knowledge of the inner workings of HVAC units and the like is quite limited. Please help with any advice. Thank you in advance!

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    You're wasting your time on this website with such a question. We can't fix anything from here and are not allowed to give homeowners DIY instrctions. So turn the unit off via the t-stat, wait 5 minutes and turn it back on. If it fires and give heat, great, schedule a service call for Monday. If it doesn't, call for service today. If you don't want to pay the OT rate, then wait until tomorrow but either way, you need a service tech to diagnose and repair the problem.
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    Actually from what I read I believe it is the kanuter valve located on the rotary girder.
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    belt drives require seasonal maint.

    see title

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    You need to call a dealer, sorry, no DIY help is available here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by azsmokey View Post

    We live in the Phoenix metro area and have a Lennox unit. Our current problem is this: (finding a phone #)

    Please help with any advice. Thank you in advance!
    602 276-1777

    Lennox Industries Incorporated
    3446 S 7th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85040

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