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    MOLD IN MY inside unit!!! Help? DId the servicer do it right?

    Had my inside heat pump unit serviced, second time this year on a hunch (the first guy didn't crack the case to check), and there was what I suspect was mold almost covering the fins on the inside...the person servicing the unit said "That's mold and a health hazard, I suggest you let me fix this now"...I went with it and he scraped the black stuff off the fins...and with a vacuum sucked it up...after he left I went to research, which I am thinking I should have done in the first place (here)...I still need to check with my home insurace, but where do I go from here? I am very concerned about my families health...I didn't send the stuff to be tested yet...but have kept some...

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    Are you sure it was mold and not dirt(dust)? There are tons of types of mold, only some is toxic, and it's the biggest scare word in today's home industry. I would just clean the coil like you did and not worry. If it worries you, have it tested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokin68 View Post
    Are you sure it was mold and not dirt(dust)? There are tons of types of mold, only some is toxic, and it's the biggest scare word in today's home industry. I would just clean the coil like you did and not worry. If it worries you, have it tested.

    Ditto,and if the second company was from a telemarketing call Double Ditto!

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    Black, crusty, hard to scrape off...maybe I should get it tested...It wasn't from a call, the person was actually there because I asked for an estimate on replacement...

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    Bi annual service on your equipment could avoid this situation.
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    as has been said if it is from a dirty crusty coil then change your filter more often or get a better filtering system

    if in fact it is mold then after it has been cleaned and treated, by coil cleaner and disenfectent the the reason for the mold needs to be found.

    is the unit pitched properly for good drainage or is it holding water.
    is it sized properly and pulling moisture or over sized and the air is to wet to get it dry.

    is it charge properly? sometimes an over charged unit wont pull mosture and the coil gets to wet and can cause mold to grow

    also if the is duct leakage in the attic if this is where it is this can also cause mold

    see if the reason can be found

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    Appreciate the replies...

    I was having it serviced 2 X's just that the tech I had used had never opened up that panel before...


    The tech that did crack the cover only scraper it with a putty cleaning with any solutions..

    It's in the unfinished basement and I'll look at the moisture issue...

    Anyone know a reputable tech in the prince william county area of Va?

    I think I will get the stuff tested, then depending on the results, maybe my home insurance will need to get involved

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    My advice is too put in a 4" media filter from Honeywell, Carrier or any other brand that is the equivalent. It will catch any small particulates. I would also install a UV light system to keep the coil clean and prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, etc... Go with a 2 bulb if it is an "A" or "N" coil or a 1 bulb if a slab coil. Don't put some cheapo from the light bulb store either, get a professional setup. You can get 2 year bulbs or 1 year bulbs. This will take care of your problems, it is the most bang for your buck IMO.

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    Good Lord man do not get your insurance involved it will put a stigma on your house you will never shed.

    First off no tech should be pronouncing "MOLD" unless he is a Bio Tech or has had it tested. As stated previously there are a multitude of molds and most are not dangerous and only Staciboculis is considered dangerous. The majority of people will not have any health problems with mold unless they have an allergy.

    Your coil is dirty because you have inadequate filtration which allows dirt to collect on the coil fins. This dirt is baked on during the winter months when you use heat and builds up in the summer. Just scraping it off does little to no good. There are cleaners that are designed to clean the coils but if the coil is more than four or five years old they are a waste of time and energy.

    Your best option is to have a reputable company look at replacing the evaporator coil or system depending on age. Consider that R-22 equipment is rapidly being phased out so if replacing the coil it might be a good option to also replace the condenser.

    When they install new equipment either the coil or more have a good quality filter installed. There are numerous filters available ranging from simple 4" & 5" pleated extended media types to more expensive electronic models. I have found that for most people the extended media filters are more than adequate and only recommend the more expensive electronic models for families with serious allergy issues.

    Proper drainage is important but if you do not improve the filtration of your system the problem you have currently will return even with a new coil.

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    clean coil, and clean ducts

    I run into this all of the time. coils in homes will get plugged up from time to time due to lack of filter maint., or dirt bypassing filters. the mold can form on the buildup of dirt, due to the condensation formed on the coil during cooling cycles. It needs to be flushed with a coil cleaner.

    on our clean and checks (maintenance service), we are to clean the unit thouroughly, but when we find that we need to pull out our coil cleaners to really flush a coil, it is an additional charge.

    if you were one of our customers, We would simply suggest a coil cleaning, and recommend a duct cleaning with sanatizer. I wouldn't know what to say about your filter setup without looking at it.

    good luck with an insurance co., would't there be a deductible?

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    you are being over paranoid. get a better filter, It probably wasnt mold anyway. I also think it would be extremely stupid to tell your insurance company. And as previously stated, not tech can just look at black dirt or whatever it was and claim mold without testing. Have you been sick?

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    I wouldn't tell the insurance company poop. First of all, the mold claims and making money off of it and getting a remodel are through. They got smart. Second, if you ever try to sell your home. You have to disclose it which I will assume will scare of any potential buyer. If I were looking at a house and the word mold came up, I wouldn't even finish looking at it. If you choose not to disclose it and they find out. You will get sued. I would have the unit cleaned up. Use better filters or upgrade and install a UV light.

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