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Thread: HP Hums

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    HP Hums

    Have had new Bryant evolution HP system running for several weeks. Overall, very pleased. But, when in HP mode there is a low audible "hum" noise throughout the house. It is just as bad on the far side of the house as it is very near the unit. It is not overly loud, but it is annoying. The fan and air noise are very low and very tollerable, it is just the low pitch humming that is present in the house. Standing outside next to the HP, it runs very quiet.

    Is this the type of thing that can be fixed with additional anchors on the lineset? Or, does the coil need isolation from the plenum? Or, is this normal and expected noise for a HP ?

    As a side note to those considering duel fuel systems. Here in PA, PECO gave reduced rate for HP as primary heat source. System was in for last 6 days of the month but PECO gave credit for the whole month's bill. Bill was cut from $366 to $222. Can't wait to see what the bill will be with the system running for the entire billing cycle!

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    you should have the installing contractor come out...its still under warranty

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