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    Carrier 58GFA Issues

    I have a carrier frnace with behavioral issues. I believe it is a 58GFA. Well, the exhaust fan runs on and on but nothing happens. My nephew is a rapair man at an apartment and he came over and put a wire on the "pressure" switch and now the furnace does work now. The exhaust fan comes on and the gas valve turns on and lets the pilot light the burners. However, they are noisier than I remember and flames touch the tops of the holes where they go into the furnace cabinet and "spray" somehwat. Now when the whole house fan comes on they turn orange but seem to straighten out and go into the cabinet like they should. Finally, I noticed vent pipe that goes into the waterheater and then up into the cieling is not as hot. The pilot also goes out and has to be relit almost everytime. Also I see a lot of ashes everywhere. I don't know if this is one problem or several. Any advice would be great.

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    TURN OFF FAST! Call for service! There is a reason the pressure switch is open!
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    Has the gas company done any work in the surrounding area. Do you have your unit serviced? May be time to call a technician.

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    Call a service company, not your nephew.
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    I agree, call a tech (not a parts jockey). he needs to be able to look for air leaks on the return side, heat exchanger and have a gauge for gas valve pressure. The "eye theorem" is only good for starting to solve a problem.

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    The first thing I would do is turn the thing off NOW. Then I would call somebody who actually knows what they are doing. Then I would lose my nephew's phone number. When something on a furnace does not work, it is for a reason. Not because it is being stubborn for the day. Putting a jumper on a furnace to make it work has to be the most STUPID thing I have ever heard of doing. Continuing to run it will surely make you wake up with the fishes.

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    The fact that when the "whole house fan" comes on the flames turn orange, I'd be willing to bet with certainty that the heat exchanger has a breach. This is usual suspect when the burn is effected by the blower. Somehow the blower is effecting the burn - which shouldn't occur.

    Have the system inspected.

    The pressure switch may not be making if there is a large enough crack in the heat exchanger where it cannot be pressurized.

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