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    Cool booster or indirect with new peerless boiler

    I'm replacing my original THermodynamics steel boiler and old ford 30 gal indirect water heater. My installer is recommending a peerless wbv 3 stage cast iron oil boiler with reillo burners and either a 40 gal john woods aqua boosters or a peerless partner indirect.

    It is $500 more for the this worth it, How much more efficient?

    I live in Long Island New York and have 2 full baths, I want enough water to fill a both tub and heat the house during cold winters. There are only 3 of us in the house (2nd on the way)

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    The aquabooster will require you to maintain a higher boiler temp then the indirect will.
    So it could pay back that extra cost in 1 or 2 years with the high price of oil.
    WVB-03 is a low water content boiler. If you get it in the 110 series, it will have a quicker recovery then a WVB-04 which holds 3 more gals of water.
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    I just installed a WBV-03 last weekend for a friend, really nice boiler! We got the boiler with the Carlin Elite burner, that is a sweeeet combo. The boiler came with the new Honeywell Digital Aquastat too. Ran perfect right out of the box!

    In your case, I'd do the indirect HW tank. The other option, the booster, is powered by the tankless coil and when that has issues (and it will), then it's a big expensive repair or replacement. The extra upfront cost of the indirect will be loads LESS expensive in the long term. Get at least a 40 gallon tank for the hot water too, either with the booster or the indirect.

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    Boosters or tankless coils are old school and no longer used. An indirect is the best way to make domestic hot water for a residence. Period.


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