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Thread: Ducane gas

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    Ducane gas

    I just installed a Ducane 100,000 btu gas furnace. Got a call 3 days later it wasn't working. Went over and the ignigter was out. Got a new one installed it. Everything fine. 3 days later got a call, the heat wasn't working. Went back and the ignigter was out again. Checked the voltage and am getting 130 volts to the ignigter and the furnace. Is this too much voltage?


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    Is it a hot surface ignitor?

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    Is the ignitor dis-engaging after flame is proven (or timing out by the board)?

    A little more info would be nice........
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    yes, It's cutting off and working like a champ. It works fine for about 3 days and quits. I checked the voltage again and when the board calls for the ignitor to fire, it spikes up to 140 volts and then slowly goes down to 130 volts.

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