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    peerless vs. Tekmar ARGHH

    ok, i am now officially dizzy from the conflicting information i am getting from various sources.

    here is the latest.

    question: is it useful to install an outdoor reset on my peerless cast iron oil boiler (WBV-04)?

    i called tekmar tech support. he said that as long as the target temperature reaches 140* each burn cycle, to vaporize the condensate, that i am good. he said the return temperature isn't important. in fact, their product purposely continues circulating after the burners have turned off, to pull more BTUs out of the water, simulating a 120* target temp.

    meanwhile, i wrote to peerless tech support by email. they said "you can use an outdoor reset as long as the return temperature doesn't go below 150*"

    who do i believe???


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    peerless would be the one warrantying the cast water jacket, not tekmar. Follow peerless's wishes and keep it at 150+
    You can't fix stupid

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