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    Confused Trane YCC024 Flame Roll-out & Bad Valve

    I have a Trane model YCC024F1L0BE manufactured on 07/1999 that stopped heating on Christmas Eve. I called out a tech yesterday and he inspected the unit. The on board diagnostic LED would flash three time when the thermostat called for heat which indicated a bad valve.

    When the tech tapped on the diaphragm that is connected via a vacuum hose to the exhaust blower, the burner lit-up fine. So we though I might get away with a part that costs less than $X00.

    When the fire box got hot enough, the blower kicked-on, and we noticed another problem. The steady "after burner sound" changed to what sounded like a someone blowing on the burner... kind of a puff-puff sound. The tech took a closer look and, and showed me where the flame from the burner was rolling-out. It wasn't rolling-out much, but the tech advised me that I had a potentially dangerous fire and CO situation, and not to run to heater until it was either replaced or fixed. He also told me that I had a bad heat exchanger.

    The tech said that I would be better off replacing the unit because who knows what would go next (I have noticed the A/C compressor is quite noisy), and I would have a warranty not to mention a more efficient heating and cooling unit.

    Question: Given the unit is 8 years old, is it better to take the tech's advice, and get a new unit, or would I better off spending over a grand and replacing the parts that need to be replaced?

    Is the Trane YCC024 a good unit, and I'm just unlucky, or is it a trouble maker that I'd just end-up soaking money in to.

    The tech recommends a 13 Seer 2 Ton Gas Package. He did not write down a model number, but after some searching, it looks like he means the Rheem RRNAB024. I noticed there is also a RRNL-B and RRPL-B which are the next steps up.

    Is the RRNA good, or would I be better paying a little more for the RRNL-B or RRPL-B.

    Or should I just bite the bullet and go for the RQPW (Hybrid) which is what I'd really like to get. My electric here is $0.07/kWh, and natural gas is $1.61/Therm. Would it be worth it?

    Finally, is Rheem a good unit? I know, Ford, Chevy or Toyota, but I guess I mean to say is there any reason I should look harder at a Rheem than say, another Trane, or Carrier, or Bryant, or Lennox, or whoever?

    Any advice welcome!

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    My family has been a Trane dealler for 16 years. You should have warranty on your heat exchanger,the labor may also be covered as Trane equipment does have an available ten year parts and labor warranty. As far as the unit you have, we have had little to no problems from that model and the new Trane unit is freshly redesigned and an excellent piece of equipment. Also thenew Trane gas pkg furnaces have a standard 20 year warranty on the heat exchanger and they also offer a (hybrid) product. As far as the rheem , they are not a popular brand in our area so i do not know much about them.

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    Yes, sounds like a failed heat exchanger and dangerous, especially the rollout. Gas packs don't hold up like furnaces do since their heat exchangers are in the cold air stream all summer. Best bet is to look for a model with a stainless steel HX. They will hold up much better than the aluminum coated steel models.

    And yes, you should have a part warranty on the old one, you'd be responsible for labor which could be a bit salty. You'll have to weigh whether to put a bunch of money in the old one or look for new.

    Rheem gas packs are available with SS heat exchangers but that's an option. The RRNA is base 13 SEER, RRNL is 13 SEER with R410a refrigerant, RRPL is 14 SEER with R410a.

    With those low electric rates, though, I'd say look into the dual fuel way. That unit has a stainless exchanger, R410a too and 14 SEER. Gonna be more up front but savings add up fast using the pump over gas heat. Your gas rates are worse than ours! I've had dual fuel for 12 years (Rheem split HP) and wouldn't change for anything.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah, I live in Knoxville, TN., and the tech really likes the Rheems. Says parts are easy to get where Carrier and Trane my take a couple of days. He also said that the Rheems are really easy to work on.

    BTW, he did tell me it was a Rheem... he just didn't mention a model number.

    Reading throught the forum, it seems that you pay a premium for the Carrier name. It also seems Lennox is not to well liked (Lemmox?). And Goodman seems the way to go if you're not planning to live in the same house more than 5 years.

    Does the Trane I have come standard with a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger, or would have an extended warrenty needed to be purchased?

    The Trane I have was installed when the house was built, so I doubt any extended warrenty was bought.

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    Yes your unit has a 10 year HX warranty whether you have an extended warranty or not.

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    Sounds like your unit is getting ready to nickle an dine you to death, I'd go with the tech's reccommendation an change it out. Save more money in the long run

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    I would replace at least the heat exchanger before CO or fire injures someone. My uncle is a Rheem man, while I am a Carrier man. The main problem I have with Rheem is rain water does not rinse the outdoor coil. If you chose to replace the entire system, consider a 14-16 SEER. The return on investment is good, and better when the electric starts rising.

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    Trane also has gas pacs with 14-16 seer and varible speed fan. I would replace the unit and buy an extended warranty. The warranty would be transferable to the next owner. No matter what brand you buy, buy the most effcient unit you can afford. With energy costs skyrocketing , If you were to sell the home, a modern high effciency unit with an extended warranty would add value to your home, And your peace of mind. Get a couple of carbon monoxide detectors and install them. Anyone with a fossil fuel system or wood/coal stove should have at least one in their home. They are cheap and Your safety is worth 40-70 dollars I'd bet. Good luck!
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    Again, thanks for the replies.

    It looks like I'm going to have he HX replaced for now. I talked to a second tech who would install the HX for considerable less than the first guy. I'm also slightly annoyed that the first tech told me the was no warranty on the HX. Looks like he just wanted to sell me a new unit (and he seems to be in love with Rheem).

    As you might imagine, money is a little tight right after Christmas, and if I can keep the Trane running for another year or two, I'll be in a much better position to buy the unit I really would like... a hybrid.

    The second tech is going to check with his supplier on Monday for a HX. Hopefully he has one as it suppose to get down to 21F Tueday night, and 17F on Wednesday night. He said if he can find a HX, he'll install it Monday.

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    i believe you are making the right choice. one question i would have is if the original owner purchased the extended labor warranty. we rarely put any trane equipment in with out 10 yr parts and labor. the warranty can be transfered into your name for a very small fee. it has been a while since you moved in but the distributer/dealer may be willing to work with you on making the warranty transfer.

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    one question i would have is if the original owner purchased the extended labor warranty. we rarely put any trane equipment in with out 10 yr parts and labor. the warranty can be transfered into your name for a very small fee. it has been a while since you moved in but the distributer/dealer may be willing to work with you on making the warranty transfer.
    Thanks for that info, but how do I find-out if the extended warranty was purchased? I'm like the 3rd or 4th person to buy this house. I have only been here for 16 months. I have no idea who installed the unit. I guess Trane would have a record of all the warranties. I sent them an email, but would like to call them Monday. I can't find a phone number on their web site.

    If I need to call Trane, does anyone have their phone number? Just PM me the info if you don't want to post it. Thanks.

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    seems asthough all email and pm functionhas been dis abled. however contact any trane dealer near you and they should have access to a website that would answer your question, and who knows they may have put it in
    one more suggestion would be to have the servicer that has agreed to change the HX does his own evaluation. if you feel the other guy was just trying to sell you he may not be the most trustworthy

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