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    lifespan of modulating/condensing boilers

    the "word on the street" seems to be that the mod con boilers have a short lifespan (15-20 years).

    i asked the customer support guy at Lochnivar about their Knight mod con boiler.

    he said the exchanger is stainless steel, and requires annual flushing to remove mineral build up, but that other than that, there is no lifespan problem ("it can last as long as you want, if you maintain it").

    he also said that flame tips [or something like that] can go, but that they are just replaced.

    why do people say that the mod cons have a short lifespan?


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    i personaly feel that as long as properly set up and installed
    proper service they will last a long time maybe not 40 years put long enough to warrent installing them

    15 to 20 years seems light 20 to 25 imho

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    why do people say that the mod cons have a short lifespan?

    Because they are ignorant.

    Tinnocker's right. But if you want a guarateed fuel hog for the next 35 years, follow the herd to cast iron land.


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