Thanx Jerry for the chowder recipe and advice. It was the best damn soup I've ever made. Only bummer was there were no leftovers. I think folks even licked the pot. Heres the recipe for the rest of you.

This makes a lot for a picnic etc.

New England Clam Chowder

By Jerry Albert aka: Benncool

4- cans Snows chopped clams

2 – bottles Snows clam juice

1- pound box of salted cod fish.

5- pounds potatoes

3-4 onions

1- quart of half & half

1- print of heavy cream.

Peel, wash and cut into cubes the potatoes. Put into a large soup pot. Chop up any large pieces of the chopped clams. Put into the pot, juice and all from the cans. Add the bottles clam juice. Chop up onions and put them in there. Heat slowly.

Cod fish is very salty. You have to wash it very well. Let soak for 10 minutes wash again. You should do this 3 or 4 times. Then cube up the cod fish and add it to the pot. Always keep a half to ¾ of an inch of liquid on top of the potatoes even if you have to add a little water.

Let the mixture in the pot heat until the potatoes are cooked. Never let the soup boil. Stir often. (Usually I do all of this the night before we are ready to eat the chowder.) Let every thing cool down. Refrigerating over night is best.

In the morning stir in the half & half and the heavy cream while every thing is still cool. Bring back up to temperature before serving. Can be thicken a little bit with Wondra if necessary. *** Some potatoes are starchier than others

Salt and pepper to taste. Some folks like a little dab of Sherry on top of their individual cups or bowls of chowder.