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    Hi everyone. May I add a few thoughts to this thread?

    First, this is a website dedicated to information exchanges between industry professionals and is not intended for DIYers. The forum rules actually forbid DIY advice.

    Second, you are putting the lives of your family at risk by attempting this install yourself. The instructions recommend a qualified gas professional to install these units, which I doubt you guys are. No offense intended, just facts.

    Please do yourself and your loved ones a favor......take this product back for a refund and put that money towards a quality gas fireplace that is installed by someone that does this for a living.

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    So here is an update. Now after running on pilot for a month or two the gas line is properly purged so both the pilot and burner light well now. We've talked with the manufacturer support line (useless) and one of their normal installing companies (quite helpful) and only operating on 4 and 5 is a feature because there is a termostat that will try to keep a constant temperature in the room for settings 1-3 and will cycle the unit on and off, unfortunately it means off always for room temperature. I'm currently contacting the manufacturer of the valve assembly to find out the best way to address our problems.

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