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    Planning stage-getting good efficiency from DV gas f/p

    Some heater-rated NG DV fireplaces specify "up to 80%" or "79% maximum" efficiency. What can I do to wisely select a model, and ensure a pro HVAC contractor can perform a quality installation that gets the best possible performance?

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    Just about any major brand DV gas fireplace is going to be on the higher end for efficiency, I would not consider this a major selling factor. First you should find a dealer you feel comfortable working with, not only do you need them install the fireplace,m but also support after the sale. Like any appliance parts fail eventually. You will want a good service dept that can properly diagnose and fix future problems. Once you find a good dealer, I would look a their product line and narrow it down to the fireplaces you like the most, maybe at the same time looking at the efficiency ratings. Across the same brand the efficiencies should be a good comparison. Between diff brands you will want to look for something like AFUE efficiency numbers, or some other sort of "standard". If both fireplaces were tested with the same standards then the ratings can be compared, otherwise you don't really know what you are comparing.

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